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Atty. Rhoda Yabes Alvarez and our staff aim to provide you with the guidance you need to navigate today’s legally complex world. To do that, Atty. Rhoda Yabes Alvarez advises you in a wide variety of matters, including family law, immigration, commercial and business law, and legal issues specific to the Philippines. You can learn more about Atty. Rhoda Yabes Alvarez and our legal team by reviewing their detailed biographies provided at the links below.

Our Hawaii Team

Rhoda Yabes Alvarez


Allan Abcede Alvarez


Alonzo Yabes Alvarez


Jordan Alvaro


Daisy Mae Fernando


Our Philippine Team

Rodolfo Valdez Yabes


Gloria D. Catbagan


Florentina Dela Pena


Felicidad Huliganga


Sheila Picar


Experienced Advice In Difficult Matters

With more than 20 years of experience, Atty. Rhoda Yabes Alvarez understands how the law works across jurisdictions. She regularly assists clients in legal affairs here in Honolulu, on the mainland and in the Philippines.

She and our team can deliver services in a variety of languages, including Tagalog and Ilocano.

You never have to worry about your case getting lost in translation because Atty. Rhoda Yabes Alvarez and our team work directly with you themselves. We take that personalized approach because it maximizes the likelihood of success in your case.

That combination of personalized attention and legal experience means we can provide you with seasoned legal judgment developed over the years. You will know you can rely on our judgment confidently when you are making tough decisions. You can learn more about  Atty. Rhoda Yabes Alvarez’s knowledge and experience by listening to her radio appearances on the Media page.

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You can schedule your initial consultation at The Law Offices of Rhoda Yabes Alvarez, LLC, by calling (808) 589-7380. You can also make your appointment online.