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There Is Hope For People With Significant Debt

If you are facing unmanageable debt, the last thing you need is more stress. In addition to wondering how to pay the bills, you may be experiencing creditor harassment. You may also feel as though there is no way out of the situation, but bankruptcy may provide the solution you need.

At The Law Offices of Rhoda Yabes Alvarez, LLC, our experienced attorney will review your financial situation and determine whether bankruptcy may be right for you. She will explain how you could benefit from Chapter 7 bankruptcy and discuss how to move forward if you choose to do so. Learn more by contacting us today.

How Can Chapter 7 Help?

Chapter 7 allows people to eliminate unsecured debt. This means that debts such as credit card balances and medical bills, as well as personal loans, will be discharged and you will not have to repay them.

If you have secured debts such as a car loan or mortgage, you may be allowed to keep your property as long as you can continue to make the payments. In addition, under the Hawaii state bankruptcy exemptions, you may be able to keep other personal property. Every case is unique, so you should discuss your finances with a lawyer before moving forward.

Bankruptcy Stops Creditor Harassment

All chapters of bankruptcy provide relief from creditor harassment under the automatic stay. When you file bankruptcy, creditors are no longer allowed to contact you while the bankruptcy is in progress. This means relief from:

  • Collection letters
  • Collection calls
  • Visits to your home or workplace
  • Creditors filing liens against you

If creditors continue to harass you after you file, your attorney can take action against them.

Take Control Of Your Financial Future

We understand that debt can make people feel scared and overwhelmed. It is, however, better to learn about your debt relief options and start taking steps to remedy the situation. Waiting typically only makes things worse.

Atty. Rhoda Yabes Alvarez is ready to help you move forward and regain control of your finances. You can rely on her knowledge and professionalism throughout the bankruptcy process. Reach out today by calling us in Honolulu at (808) 589-7380, or contacting us online.

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