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Philippine Legal Issues

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Service Tailored To Philippine Legal Issues

Attorney Rhoda Yabes Alvarez has extensive experience handling immigration and family matters that specifically pertain to Philippine legal issues. Through strong legal guidance, she aims to provide certainty in an uncertain world.

With regard to immigration and visa assistance, our firm handles:

  • Fiancé visa assistance
  • Immigrant, investor, working and retirees’ visas
  • Inter-country adoption
  • Recognition as Filipino citizen of those who have Filipino mothers or fathers
  • Passport problems

We also provide special services to foreign firms:

  • Legal opinions and consultancy on subjects involving application and interpretation of Philippine laws
  • Service of summons to defendants who are Philippine residents for actions or suits commenced outside of the Philippines
  • Assistance in causing service of summons by publication in newspapers of general circulation in the Philippines
  • Assistance in securing public records and/or documents kept in the Philippines

Seek Experienced Representation

Our attorneys and staff aim to provide the highest-quality legal services for the Filipino and global communities. For assistance navigating the legal terrain of your locality, please contact The Law Offices of Rhoda Yabes Alvarez, LLC. Atty. Rhoda Yabes Alvarez is fluent in English, Filipino/Tagalog and the Ilocano dialect.